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With the better part of 2015 behind them, digital marketers continue to shift their attention (and budget dollars) towards mobile, video, and social media.Marketers this year have experienced a flood of real-time data, welcomed a slew of new tech options, grappled over ad blocking software, and put billions of dollars in creative accounts up for review.Here are the top 10 trends to watch in digital marketing as we approach the new year.

4. Marketing budgets continue shift towards digital and mobileThe ad landscape is shifting gears.

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business conducted a survey on CMO spending that found B2B and B2C marketing budgets as a whole are shifting towards social media, mobile, and data analytics. Spending on digital marketing is expected to increase 12.2% over the next year, while social media spending is slated to grow to 14% over the next year. Meanwhile, a new report from Forrester on the video ad ecosystem estimates digital video ad spend will grow 21% annually – which serves as another reminder of how digital is top of mind for marketers.

One of the challenges that digital faces, however, are the discrepancies over viewability standards that are causing tension between mobile ad buyers and sellers. The problem is that there are no established or endorsed rules to track views for mobile ads, and both sides are fighting over how much (and when) buyers have to pay. Until there is a clear standard, marketers will have to grapple with how much of their resources they should really be putting toward digital.

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