Three Views on Mobile Viewability

Ryan Griffin, SVP of Strategic Accounts at Opera Mediaworks, Moar Sadra, CRO AppLift, and Ted Dhanik, cofounder and CEO, engage:BDR take a 360° look at the issue of viewability.

Q: We’ve heard so much about viewability. What does it mean and why is it such a hot topic right now?

A– Ryan Griffin, SVP of Strategic Accounts, Opera MediaWorks: Viewability refers to the means of measuring an ad’s ability to actually be seen by a user.

The first wave of online advertising used the click — think CPC or CTR — as the primary metric for success. Today, the mobile content boom and the development of immersive new ad units have both led to a shift away from clicks as the main campaign performance metric. Engagement stats — like average time spent with an ad, or completed video views — have taken center stage, and those types of metrics are only valid if the user can actually see the ad.

That’s one reason why viewability is capturing so much mindshare. The other stems from concerns about traffic quality and ad fraud.

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