The Attention Economy And The War Over Measurement 

Content that gets delivered digitally should be measured digitally. This sounds obvious, but it’s not that easy: Ad blockers, infinite scroll design and auto-load/auto-play videos all make it harder than ever to determine what has actually been viewed and what has successfully captured the consumer’s attention.

We’re in a new era of content, with an ever-increasing amount of content created by more and more sources(professionals, amateurs and corporations). All of it is fighting for our attention. Ultimately, our “spend” of attention and engagement needs to be measurable, with a consistent and transparent methodology across multiple platforms.

This should be a foundational core of today’s attention economy. More than ever, control belongs to the consumer, who is now armed with  more diversity of choice, anytime/anywhere accessibility, a variety of pricing options and, yes, an ability to use tech to skip ads. But for content creators, publishers and advertisers, confusion reigns over how to determine who is viewing what, on which platforms and for how long. These questions lead directly to uncertainty about monetary value.


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