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The MRC is critically important to the advertising industry—fostering valid, reliable, and effective measurement since its establishment in 1964 at the recommendation of the U.S. Congress. Faced with increasingly complex media and evolving consumer behavior on a global scale, the MRC is expanding to assume a more proactive role in standards setting, promoting cross platform analytics and growing its international activities.

The MRC is focused on five key areas:

  • Setting Standards and Addressing Measurement Priorities
    Through its Standards Committee, MRC prioritizes new standards setting efforts, with particular emphasis on cross-media comparability. MRC will continue to actively seek areas where measurement metrics can be defined, including best measurement practices and more detailed customer disclosures.
  • New and Diverse Accreditation Demands
    MRC accreditation now includes approximately 90 research products under audit. In addition to guarding existing media currencies, more than half of these audits are in emerging media areas and this growth is expected to continue.
  • Managing Change, Complexity and Fostering Quality
    To manage change and improve the quality of research in the marketplace, MRC actively prioritizes and pursues industry-wide research issues that it considers mission critical.
  • Establishing an International Communication Structure
    MRC will look to promote measurement consistency and best practices outside the U.S., especially in developing countries, giving MRC members increased visibility into service quality in other countries.
  • Educating Members on Best Practices
    The MRC provides educational materials to members regarding quality measurement practices. This role will be aligned with understanding new measurement challenges.

The 145 member-organizations of MRC include leading media brands, advertisers, advertising agencies, and trade associations whose goal is to ensure measurement services are valid, reliable, and effective. MRC’s equal access provisions in membership structure allow organizations of all sizes to participate and have a voice in standards and accreditation processes.

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