How 3MS is Working to Improve the Digital Advertising Landscape

3MS provides the ecosystem with a variety of benefits including: a consistent approach and reliable metrics, and ensuring a roadmap and structure exists for ongoing standards development and measurement change management.

Agency benefits

  • Standards developed with the MRC will solidify display advertising as a credible, verifiable ad platform for reluctant digital advertisers (e.g., CPG).
  • 3MS initiatives will facilitate comparison to audience based legacy media via impressions that, like legacy media impressions, have the opportunity to be seen.
  • Encourages cross platform media buys because now there is a common audience based currency for planning, buying, measuring, and tracking ALL media.
  • Creates significantly improved message verification via implementation of a uniform industry accepted unique ad asset identifier (Ad-Id).
  • Prospectively yields significant agency cost reductions.

For specific information on how agencies can adopt the standards, click here.

Marketer benefits

  • Enhances cost effectiveness (ROI) and efficiency of media spend.
  • Measures digital media’s contribution to brand building.
  • Supports and facilitates comparison across platforms, which helps to optimize allocations.
  • Encourages and allows the use of better creative and inventory for branding.

For the latest information on 3MS and how marketers can adopt the standards, click here.

Publisher benefits

  • Builds greater confidence in digital metrics.
  • Supports and facilitates comparison across media platforms, which helps to make digital media a part of brand allocations, not apart from them.
  • Permits more accurate brand impact cross platform measurement that can demonstrate digital media’s effects.
  • Encourages and allows optimizing inventory and pricing.
  • Makes selling digital inventory simpler by providing a consistent language to describe it.
  • Paves the way for transparent, standardized measurement of interactivity or brand performance metrics, thus permitting the measurement of the contribution of uniquely interactive elements of advertising to brand building.

For specific information on how publishers can adopt the standards, click here.

Role of the Media Rating Council (MRC)

The Media Rating Council sets and implements measurement standards for the advertising industry. For more information on the MRC, click here.