IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg on Ad Blocking, Viewability, Fraud

The digital advertising business is thriving. But with the influx of digital ad dollars, the industry has been plagued by major problems.

There are concerns that the rise of ad-blocking software is hampering marketers’ messages and costing publishers revenue, questions over whether ads can actually be viewed by humans on a page, and reports of widespread fraud that rips off advertisers online.

CMO Today discussed these issues and more with Randall Rothenberg, chief executive of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade organization which represents companies across the advertising industry and helps establish standards and guidelines for digital ad sellers and technology companies.

CMO Today: What’s a bigger challenge–viewability, fraud or ad blocking?

Mr. Rothenberg: With viewability, the debate side of that is over now. It’s the currency now. It’s done. The argument is on the fine points of implementing the standards. With fraud, I’ve always believed that once we established a real compliance program with teeth across the industry, it can be contained relatively quickly. It’s in its early stages now.

Ad-blocking is more complicated. It has a real component of user experience [at play]. That’s very subjective.

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