Are We Going To Talk About It, Or Are We Going To Do It?

The old expression, “actions speak louder than words,” is fast becoming the mantra in the ad tech space. On a variety of pressing topics, the industry intuitively knows what it should be doing and how it should be acting, but is failing to follow through.

I’ve been in the audience targeting space for a long time; long enough to see the radical maturation process of both audience targeting itself and digital media in general. I witnessed first hand the explosion of behaviorally targeted display, then video, then programmatic, then multi-platform, with layers and layers of data (and startups) strewn everywhere in between. The pace of innovation has been staggering, especially recently, but I would contend largely misplaced. While advancements were made in what ad technology could do based on what the industry thought was important, there was no map drawn to what business leaders actually cared about.