FAQs: Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration Guidelines

1. What are the Invalid Traffic Detection (IVT) and Filtration Guidelines?

The guidelines are a set of standards that measurers will adhere to in order to minimize the likelihood that invalid traffic will be included in reported measurements in today’s digital media environment.

The guidelines will be applied to all MRC digital audits and accreditation processes. They greatly expand existing filtration requirements and help to ensure that measurers have processes in place to assess and detect IVT scenarios as they emerge.

2. Who does the addendum apply to?

All vendors seeking accreditation or continuation of accreditation for any digital measurement process will be assessed against the final guidelines. The final guidelines will serve as an addendum to all current digital measurement guidelines.

3. When will the final guidance be issued?

The 30-day period for public comment extends through July 30, 2015. After that, the working group will be convened to review and sign off on any revisions that result from the public comment period. The final guidelines will be released shortly thereafter.

4. How can I provide commentary?

Please download the guidelines and provide commentary at the email address provided: dgunzerath@mediaratingcouncil.org