CMO’s Guide to Measurement 

The industry’s long struggle to develop a common standard for measuring audiences across media has coalesced around the gross rating point, the measure based on age and gender demographics long used for TV ratings and increasingly used to measure audiences for digital and outdoor. By year end, Nielsen expects to roll out its Total Audience measurement, which similarly applies GRPs to all manner of media, both “owned” (e.g., your website) and “earned” (i.e., free social distribution).

Marketers who wanted proof that their digital ads actually were seen now have not only digital viewability standards, but rigorous competition from more than 20 firms accredited by the Media Rating Council to measure them. And the industry’s call for more options in measurement was answered with last month’s announcement that ComScore and Rentrak plan to merge. That deal could increase chances of competition for Nielsen in what remains a crucial industry measurement tool—TV ratings.


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