4 Mistakes Your Mobile-Ad Strategy Needs to Avoid

A few years back, when mobile advertising debuted, advertisers eagerly embraced it, because they could see how quickly media consumption was shifting, especially among younger consumers. Unfortunately, that embrace occurred without a lot of forethought or strategy as to how this new medium would differ from earlier media channels.

The result was that advertisers churned out automated and poorly designed mobile ads that were — and still are — disruptive, distracting and lacking in regard for the user experience. Today, problems with mobile advertising abound. And ad viewability and ad blocking have barely even scratched the surface when it comes to addressing these problems.

The heart of the issue is consumers’ disdain for ads (though not the brands they promote), and that disdain is especially problematic for mobile. At the same time, mobile has become the first advertising medium that lives with your consumer, and is rarely more than an arm’s length away. And because of that close connection, when brands disrupt, consumers take things personally.

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