Why viewability is here to stay


We’ve heard about the death of the click for years, but the sad truth is that the click has been painfully pervasive, surviving through each wave of innovation. Lately, however, it appears the click has finally met its match, as a new metric is taking hold across the industry, a metric with the power to become as — if not more — important than the click.

That metric is viewability, a measure that is now a staple across dozens of RFPs that brands and agencies issue every day. With a firm IAB and Media Ratings Council viewability standard in place (an ad with 50 percent of pixels in view for a minimum of one second), the metric is playing a larger role in planning conversations and is being shepherded by groups such as 3MS to create crucial industry-wide guidelines. Unlike the click, viewability is finally a metric that provides true value to brands and agencies. When marketers know that their ads are seen, they can look at the impact online advertising has on offline sales, rather than only the sales that are triggered directly through a display ad conversion. With that capability, viewability has the potential to become the yardstick for all display ad measurement.

Via http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/37386.asp#5a8Kz1pfk8jxkKRJ.99