Striking the Balance Between Viewability and User Experience | PerformanceIN

It’s not new to say that the advertising industry has made a monumental shift towards putting viewability at the forefront of campaign goals, however, the impact on user experience is increasingly being called into play.

The IAB Europe’s 2015 white paper reported that 84% of brand advertisers stated that they were moving towards viewable rather than served impressions. A growing concern is that some advertisers are focusing too much on pursuing the former, to the extent that it is having a negative impact on the overall experience of the user.

In addition to this, some leading news publications are redesigning their sites to be 100% viewable. These sites, that focus on in-view ad percentages, are ignoring both the consumer and the effectiveness of each ad individually. Web page layouts prioritise ad banners rather than the content featured, but at what cost to the overall user experience when visiting that particular site?


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