Pushing for ‘Viewable’ Ads Can Lead To More Non-Human ‘Bot’ Viewers

CMO Today

…Some online ad experts say that perpetrators of ad fraud know how to game the system and may be able to sell more ads that score high on various viewability measures, but don’t actually reach many people.

This isn’t a big issue when marketers buy ads directly from top Web publishers. But ad exchanges, where thousands of smaller publishers can sell ad space, are another matter.

That’s because among the favorite tactics of ad fraudsters is to build bogus Web sites, flood them with traffic generated from computer programs known as bots, and then sell ads on these sites within ad exchanges. Most ad exchanges say they have made great efforts to inhibit the sale of such bogus ad inventory, but the practice persists.

via: http://blogs.wsj.com/cmo/2015/05/19/pushing-for-viewable-ads-can-lead-to-more-non-human-bot-viewers-2/