News Startups Like ‘LittleThings’ Are Trying to Tackle Viewability Early | Adweek

The issue of viewability, online ads people can actually see, is the cause of much Sturm und Drang among publishers and advertisers these days, but a new wave of media upstarts are hoping to sidestep the issue by designing ad-friendly sites early on.

One such publisher is LittleThings, a year-old viral news and lifestyle site targeting women, which has seen its traffic rocket to 36.3 million unique visitors from 8.5 million this year, per comScore. The website plans to reveal a new ad-friendly design during the fourth quarter of this year. “Because we’re only a year old, we have the benefit of seeing the challenges and the mistakes that others have made,” explained Gretchen Tibbits, LittleThings COO. “We were able to fill in some [holes] from day one.”