MRC Tells Ad Industry It’s Okay To Use Viewable Impressions, Advertising Age

Somewhere between 30% and over half of all online ad “impressions” are registered when the ad is outside the browser window or otherwise unable to be seen by anyone, according to industry estimates. That’s why the online ad industry has worked so hard over the past few years to establish a new metric for online advertising, the “viewable impression.”

One problem: the standards organization Media Ratings Council (MRC) didn’t accredit the metric and back in November 2012 told the advertising industry not to use it. That changed today when the MRC lifted its advisory, giving buyers and sellers of digital ads the all clear to do so for the first time.

The MRC’s move brings the ad industry one step closer to buying and selling only those ads that make it “in view.”

via MRC Tells Ad Industry It’s Okay To Use Viewable Impressions | Digital – Advertising Age.