It’s Back-To-School Every Day In The Media Biz | Forbes

I’m not one of those people who has recurring cold sweats around this time of year fearing another return to school. I actually enjoyed being a student although I wasn’t always a good one. Now several decades out from my last real back-to-school September, I’ve come to realize that in the media business it’s forever back-to-school as you’re always a student forced to learn new lessons.

Though it’s a school of the real world where there aren’t as many opportunities for beer pong or hanging out on the Quad, it still feels like I have a required course load of subjects being made up in real time and requiring a good student to go from one class to another:

9 am, Ad Viewability (required course) – How to set up your website so that you actually get credit for serving ads.

10:15 am, Ad Blocking 101 – How ad blockers came into being, the various motivations of the ad blocking community and how best to address the issue when you’re running an advertising supported media company.


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