It’s Happening: Viewability and Native Join Forces

The Makegood

For the past year my calendar has been booked solid. I’m meeting with publishers, media outlets, product managers, and marketers, and we’re talking about the word on everyone’s mind: native ads.

These conversations started out very similar, we’d talk about marketer’s interest in content, the technology required to serve native advertising like one would any other advertisement, or best practices in content creation – a myriad of concerns a publisher would have in the initials steps taken in establishing a comprehensive sponsored content program. These same conversations have helped shape the direction of our company and helped us achieve massive growth in the past 12 months, serving over a billion native ads to date.Thus everyone is excited to talk about the success of the format. Aggregate data we’ve gleaned from MediaVoice, our native advertising platform, shows that CTR for native ads is well above the average for display advertising with mobile and tablet paving the way with a CTR of .25% and .23% respectively. While these facts and figures impress, the programs and business plans which produce them evolve, and so do the conversations and phone calls. I’m no longer explaining the basics of native ads, I’m asked about measurement, promotion, and creation; but most recently, I’m getting asked about viewability.