Why Facebook’s Push Toward A Standard Of Viewed Impressions Is A Boon For Advertisers

For the longest time, the served impression has ruled the land of online advertisers. In this format an impression is counted whenever an ad has been fired, whether or not the served ad has been viewed. Today Facebook has released an in-depth post as to why this isn’t the best way for advertisers to track their ad dollars. Why? Because “if an ad is viewed it has a greater chance to drive value for an advertiser.”

The viewability metric that Facebook prefers are ‘viewed impressions’. With this metric, advertisers are only charged when an ad (or any part of an ad) makes its appearance on a screen. No ad seen? No viewed impression. This definition from Facebook of a viewed impression will also be rolling out to organic content for businesses.

Via http://marketingland.com/facebooks-push-toward-standard-viewed-impressions-boon-advertisers-118755#.VOSrLQhlq6s.twitter