Engagement: Next Evolution of Viewability | ExchangeWire.com

There seems to be endless debate around the topic of viewability, a buzzword that has been bouncing around the media echo chamber for some time. As attention shifts from desktop to mobile, this topic continues to plague many marketers and agencies. ExchangeWire speaks with Stephen Molloy (pictured below), SVP, Adludio, about how buying impressions based on viewability will not help marketers achieve their goals and, in fact, engagement should be the true measure of whether an ad was actually effective. 

Advertisers (naturally) want the ads that they pay for to be seen; so the industry created guidelines in an attempt to measure this. Earlier this month, the Media Rating Council’s (MRC) released a draft version of viewability standards for mobile, which turned out to be the same as those on desktop computers. As it stands, the general feedback for desktop already suggests that they aren’t stringent enough.

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