Audio Benefits From “Viewability” Metric, MediaPost

It’s widely believed that a third or more of digital display advertising goes unseen. This may be because a user has scrolled past the ad before it loads, or perhaps never scrolls far enough down to see the ad at all. Of course, there is no shortage of highly creative fraudsters in the display ad business, compounding the problem.

Then there’s another question. Even if an ad is “in view,” is it actually seen by the user? “Banner blindness,” or the idea that people have learned to ignore banner ads all together, makes understanding the effectiveness of display campaigns harder than ever.

Earlier this week, the Media Rating Council MRC announced that it is lifting its “ban” on the use of a “viewability” metric in the measurement and negotiation of digital media transactions. Because of the aforementioned reasons, this metric is in high demand by advertisers.

via MediaPost Publications Audio Benefits From “Viewability” Metric 04/03/2014.