ANA Pushes Facebook for Greater Measurement Transparency | The Wall Street Journal

The Association of National Advertisers is urging Facebook to offer marketers greater transparency into how it measures ads on its service, a week after it came to light that the social network had overestimated video viewing for two years.

Specifically, the ANA has called for Facebook to have its metrics accredited by independent media measurement audit group, the Media Ratings Council.

“While ANA recognizes that ‘mistakes do happen,’ we also recognize that Facebook has not yet achieved the level of measurement transparency that marketers need and require,” wrote Bob Liodice, chief executive of the ANA, in a blog post Thursday. The ANA is a trade group that represents major advertisers including Procter & Gamble Co. andAT&T Inc.

“With more than $6 billion of marketers’ media being directed to Facebook, we believe that it is time for them—and other such major media players—to be audited and accredited. That is the standard of accepted practice that marketers and agencies have relied on for decades,” Mr. Liodice wrote.


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